Merrill Chandler

Inspiring. Driven. Innovator


I question the assumptions.

I challenge the current paradigm, the status quo, and pernicious core beliefs.

I look behind the curtain, read between the lines, and see between the blinds.

I either inspire or disturb—never in between.

My intention is to trigger you to take an active role in deciding what to believe,

rather than passively and unconsciously believing what was handed down to you from others.

I hope to engage intelligent dialogue in the process.

Soon you will find here my musings, panegyrics, poetry, allegories, and essays.

If anything inspires conversation or controversy—I welcome it.

Coming soon... introduction to the disruptive perspective of one of the most compelling men in the world.

Experience the humor, transformational power, and wicked sharp wit of this mage.

Until then, go to...